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Friday, November 21

something is…

brewing in pinkville!

pot-kettle-fat coming to you very very very soon!

Thursday, November 20

and we are…

got a chance to be in this video..

can spot me? hehehe…

join the community at

my ipod playing: keabadian cinta – anuar zain

Sunday, November 2



i was asked told that ‘decision’ has been made today.

and in a way, i need to respond to the decision. either way, both will get hurt!

what am i gonna do? this is a point where am helpless!

my teeve playing: discovery science

Friday, October 31

let there be light...


check it out!

my ipod playing: i kissed a boy - chris salvatore


i am questioning myself on a lot of things lately. am i good enough right now? do i want more? how about loved ones? do they care?


Tuesday, October 28

survivor: gabon is hwat!

check this out..

ain’t they hot?



with bulge..



and more bulge!!


photo courtesy: oh la la

my teeve playing: ed, edd and eddy

Sunday, October 12

britney spears - womanizer (director's cut)

the video said it all.. she is definitely back and looking so 'fierce'!

this video - director's cut of the her first single womanizer!

definitely britney's video!

my teeve playing: america's next top model on channel [V]

Monday, October 6

big cock also got...

this is hilarious.

some might have heard this, but it cracked me out!


no aunty was harmed during the recording of this conversation. this posting is for pure entertainment and doesn't mean to put anyone down. however, just a gentle reminder on how COKE should be pronounce so that is doesn't come out as something else.

my tv playing: mythbuster - discovery channel